Crete, the flagship island of Greece

No island in Greece changes with the seasons quite as Crete does. In spring, snow caps the White Mountains and orchards are awash with citrus and almond blossom. It is also a time of festivities with the colourful Greek Orthodox Easter celebrated across this passionately traditional land making it a very special time for holidays in Crete. In high summer the mountain ranges, with their dramatic plateaux and gorges, turn ochre and violet, and the island becomes a kaleidoscope of whitewashed villages and picturesque waterfronts. And so into autumn, when the landscape turns terracotta, bronze and purple with the ripened olives and grapes: the sea remains warm, the beaches are quiet and the arrival of a range of migrating birds is nature’s own prologue to the mild Cretan winter.


Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, its culture and civilisation offer a unique atmosphere with mountains and picturesque fishing villages, the two Venetian ports at Hania (the capital of Hania province) and Rethimno (the capital of Rethimno province). A beautiful and unpolluted island, it is unspoiled for the main part from mass tourism. The island is lush and green in the North West, wild and rugged in the South which has superb unspoiled beaches and the climate is warm and dry. 12c in winter at the lowest and up to 30c in the summer, with more than 330 days of sunshine every year. North and South are divided by two spectacular mountain ranges, the Lefka Ori and Oros Idi, and they are snow capped from early December to late May

Luxury in Elunda

Crete caters to a range of property luxury tastes. From the luxury of villas in Elunda to the simplicity of Chania traditional homes.